Team Cox finish CSIW5* Verona with a 2nd place


The 3d leg of the World Cup was held in Verona Italy last weekend. Both Marit and Karel were riding there. Stalypsa jumped into a great 9th place in the LR 150 first day, and a 5th place in the LR 145 the second day. Dublin did a super round in the 155 qualifier the first day with one fault. And Sunday he was clear and placed in the LR 145 Accumulator. Nicole jumped a nice clear round in the 145 the first day, and finish the world cup with two faults. Karel and Ideo d'O finish the last day the LR Speed accumulator with a second place, only beaten by the fast italian rider Emanuele Gaudiano, John Whitaker finish 3d.


  Stalypsa LR 150 CSIW5* Verona  

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